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Our Values

It is vital for our corporate clients’ business to have the right people in the right roles, in the right place and at the right time.

Our business has been developed over the course of years with one primary ethos in mind.

We are ‘People moving People’. 

Each move is a unique experience and it’s fair to say everyone has a differing need and levels of expectation as they embark on a new journey. Our approach at Galleon International is structured around building relationships forged on trust and an empathetic approach.

We believe in listening and understanding to appreciate what our Clients are asking of us. Whilst we have many years of experience in our field, it would be foolish to take assumptions before we know what concerns and priorities feature in the planning of the respective relocation.

Capturing all this important information in the first instant, allows us to construct a Profile, a personal template, in which we can then begin to truly tailor our services.

Guiding and ‘hand-holding’, our wish is to provide a service that removes all the associated stresses and worries from a sometimes daunting experience.

Moving is challenging at any stage of Life.

Our commitment is to make it as pleasurable and enjoyable as possible.


Simply, we are a Company that cares.

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Global Mobility

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